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Stress Free

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you’d know that I have been undergoing a lot of things recently. One of the reasons why I went back here in America is for me to be able to think clearly without the stressors back home. And for the past three months, I have learned so much and my goals in life are more clear now.

Inspired by having an awesome stay here in California, I decided to ditch the classic style and went for something more comfortable. Below are pictures of what I wore during one of those stress free days.


2Forever 21 bodysuit and shorts


4Adidas Energy Boost sneakers

5Nine West hat


I have realized that there’s so much I should be thankful for. From my parents to my relationship with my boyfriend and friends to the little things that I experience everyday. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t realized that much earlier in life. I guess some big and emotional things were handled wrongly. Nevertheless, what’s important is that today I know that I am #blessed and that I should be more confident and hopeful of what’s to come. Future, I am ready for yah!

-the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–

Bay Area Adventure: Day 2

We spent our first day of our Bay Area Adventure in Santa Cruz and Carmel by the Sea. For our second day, we spent driving along the scenic road of the 17 Mile Drive.

Important Note: There is an entrance fee of 10 USD when going through the 17 Mile Drive.

First stop was the Pebble Beach. One of the things that I have observed when we stopped over were people in golf outfits. Well, Pebble Beach is a famous spot for golf enthusiasts after all. And if that’s not enough of a sign that people who go and stay there are rich, there’s a big Rolex clock just outside of the Lodge. LOL

Here are some pictures we took as we drove along (and did mini stops of course) 17 Mile Drive:


The Lodge at Pebble Beach is a historic hotel with an oceanside view. With golf courses around the vicinity, there are golf boutiques within the Lodge so rich people can buy their golf outfits anytime. LOL


The view you’ll see when you stay at the Lodge. I guess the $3000 stay per night is worth it.


When driving along 17 Mile, you’ll see forests like this. You’ll be shocked with the houses (yes there are residences within the Drive!) you’ll see as you drive by. I saw this huge castle-like mansion with national flags in front. I could imagine that some monarch family owns it.

BA3Second stop was Pescadero Point where we took so much pictures.





I’m on the other side of the ocean but I no longer feel alone :)


That photo above is a picture of one of the 10 most magnificent trees in the world. The Lone Cypress is an iconic stop along 17 Mile Drive.


The road above is the famous Spanish Bay. Pretty isn’t it?



Such a breathtaking view, right? I mean look at how blue the ocean water is! Their white sand (our white sand in the PH is actually much whiter) felt like sugar grains. And the water? If you like bathing in ice cold water, you are very much welcome to dive. LOL



My 17 Mile Drive adventure is comparable to my experience when I walked along the Great Wall of China. Both felt surreal. I realized how blessed I was to be able to touch another part of the world. Places where not everyone is given the opportunity to experience it.

I have also learned the hardship of not having the same language and culture with people around mo so I have to be more independent and confident in everything that I do. I have enjoyed my US journey and at the same time incredibly miss my cats and family. I may be leaving the US soon but it has taught me a lot of things and I hope that I’d be a changed woman (for the better) when I come back to my home country.

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–

P.S. I still have my Napa adventure to post soon! <3

Bay Area Adventure: Day 1

Last year I was able to visit San Francisco, about a month ago I was able to roam around parts of San Jose and a few weeks ago we visited the outer bay area. San Francisco was more on shopping, San Jose was about technology and the outer bay area…the beach!


A few minutes away from Santa Cruz, California, located in the redwood forests, is a place of gravitational anomaly. Once you go there, you can’t help but question the laws of physics and gravity.

Mystery Spot 2 Mystery Spot 1

Discovered in 1939, the Mystery Spot has perplexed thousands of people visiting from allover the world. I wasn’t really expecting anything when we arrived there. But once we entered “the spot”, it was truly disorienting.  It felt like something was pulling me from all the wrong places. Somehow I felt like my brain was confused and cannot calibrate right anymore. Intrigued? Here’s a picture…

Mystery Spot 3

You may not see it clearly but that is a straight ladder. However, for some unknown reason, my body is being pulled away from that ladder, towards my right side. If I wasn’t a chicken and not wearing that huge PILIPINAS jacket (nationalistic much), you could clearly see that I am leaning away from the ladder. I didn’t even have to hold on to that bar, I just had to since my migraine was setting in. Haha!

Up until today, the reason behind this anomaly has not been found yet. Some says there’s a carbon dioxide coming out of that place, others says its a magma vortex but most people believes there’s something down below, like maybe a spaceship. I guess we’ll never know for sure. For now, the mystery spot remains a mystery.


No Copyright Infringement Intended

No Copyright Infringement Intended

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is a seaside amusement park located in Santa Cruz, California. It is admission free so you can roam around the amusement park and beach with no cost. However, if you want to go on rides then you have to pay some fee.

Santa Cruz 3

We wanted to really enjoy the place so we did go on some rides (even though I was a scaredy cat LOL). We rode the Giant Dipper roller coaster and I ended up getting a whiplash. Hahaha! I guess it was worth it though. I mean I got to ride a historic roller coaster…in America!

Santa Cruz 2

The Boardwalk is located along the west coast of the United States. I am basically on the opposite side of the Philippines’ ocean. Amazing, if you think about it. I really wanted to go swimming but the water betrayed me, it was cold as ice! Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from at least taking a little dip. If not for the sunny weather, I might have lost my toes. Yes, it’s really that cold!

Santa Cruz 4

We ate our lunch at Johnny’s Harborside. The place had an amazing view of the wharf (see photo below). The food was pricey for it’s taste but I guess people are going there for the location, not the food.

Santa Cruz 1


If there’s one statement that could describe Carmel by the sea it would be, “expensive but worth it”. The place was amazing. The hotel we stayed is perfectly located at the heart of Carmel, meaning everything was readily accessible. The shopping centers and restaurants were just a few steps away.

Carmel 1

The most memorable moment of our time in Carmel was our experience with Mediterranean food when we ate at Yafa. It was by far THE BEST MEDITERRANEAN FOOD I EVER HAD IN MY 25 YEARS OF EXISTENCE!

Carmel 2

I had the Mishmish Chicken (bottom plate) and that’s the only thing I remember. Haha! But mind you, the lamb kebab and pasta that the boyfriend ordered was as amazing as my chicken. Even the hummus and pita combo was awesome. And the dessert (photo below) we ordered tasted so heavenly!

Carmel 4

Oh, Carmel by the sea. When I think of you, I can’t help but picture mouth watering food. I am so coming back for more awesome gastric experience!

Other than amazing food, Carmel by the sea is also famous for being a great stopover before/after going through the famous scenic road of the  Bay Area, the 17 mile drive. And that experience deserves it’s own blog post.

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–