Bay Area Adventure: Day 1

Last year I was able to visit San Francisco, about a month ago I was able to roam around parts of San Jose and a few weeks ago we visited the outer bay area. San Francisco was more on shopping, San Jose was about technology and the outer bay area…the beach!


A few minutes away from Santa Cruz, California, located in the redwood forests, is a place of gravitational anomaly. Once you go there, you can’t help but question the laws of physics and gravity.

Mystery Spot 2 Mystery Spot 1

Discovered in 1939, the Mystery Spot has perplexed thousands of people visiting from allover the world. I wasn’t really expecting anything when we arrived there. But once we entered “the spot”, it was truly disorienting.  It felt like something was pulling me from all the wrong places. Somehow I felt like my brain was confused and cannot calibrate right anymore. Intrigued? Here’s a picture…

Mystery Spot 3

You may not see it clearly but that is a straight ladder. However, for some unknown reason, my body is being pulled away from that ladder, towards my right side. If I wasn’t a chicken and not wearing that huge PILIPINAS jacket (nationalistic much), you could clearly see that I am leaning away from the ladder. I didn’t even have to hold on to that bar, I just had to since my migraine was setting in. Haha!

Up until today, the reason behind this anomaly has not been found yet. Some says there’s a carbon dioxide coming out of that place, others says its a magma vortex but most people believes there’s something down below, like maybe a spaceship. I guess we’ll never know for sure. For now, the mystery spot remains a mystery.


No Copyright Infringement Intended

No Copyright Infringement Intended

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is a seaside amusement park located in Santa Cruz, California. It is admission free so you can roam around the amusement park and beach with no cost. However, if you want to go on rides then you have to pay some fee.

Santa Cruz 3

We wanted to really enjoy the place so we did go on some rides (even though I was a scaredy cat LOL). We rode the Giant Dipper roller coaster and I ended up getting a whiplash. Hahaha! I guess it was worth it though. I mean I got to ride a historic roller coaster…in America!

Santa Cruz 2

The Boardwalk is located along the west coast of the United States. I am basically on the opposite side of the Philippines’ ocean. Amazing, if you think about it. I really wanted to go swimming but the water betrayed me, it was cold as ice! Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from at least taking a little dip. If not for the sunny weather, I might have lost my toes. Yes, it’s really that cold!

Santa Cruz 4

We ate our lunch at Johnny’s Harborside. The place had an amazing view of the wharf (see photo below). The food was pricey for it’s taste but I guess people are going there for the location, not the food.

Santa Cruz 1


If there’s one statement that could describe Carmel by the sea it would be, “expensive but worth it”. The place was amazing. The hotel we stayed is perfectly located at the heart of Carmel, meaning everything was readily accessible. The shopping centers and restaurants were just a few steps away.

Carmel 1

The most memorable moment of our time in Carmel was our experience with Mediterranean food when we ate at Yafa. It was by far THE BEST MEDITERRANEAN FOOD I EVER HAD IN MY 25 YEARS OF EXISTENCE!

Carmel 2

I had the Mishmish Chicken (bottom plate) and that’s the only thing I remember. Haha! But mind you, the lamb kebab and pasta that the boyfriend ordered was as amazing as my chicken. Even the hummus and pita combo was awesome. And the dessert (photo below) we ordered tasted so heavenly!

Carmel 4

Oh, Carmel by the sea. When I think of you, I can’t help but picture mouth watering food. I am so coming back for more awesome gastric experience!

Other than amazing food, Carmel by the sea is also famous for being a great stopover before/after going through the famous scenic road of the  Bay Area, the 17 mile drive. And that experience deserves it’s own blog post.

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–

My Sort Of Google Experience

A month ago (I know I’m super updated) the boyfriend and I, both IT freaks, decided to roam around Silicon Valley to experience the home of the world’s largest high technology corporations. Silicon Valley is actually a nickname given to the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area located at the northern portion of California, the golden state of the United States of America. The word “silicon” comes from the silicon chip manufacturers in the region while the word “valley” comes from being in the location of the Santa Clara Valley.

Most of the companies found in Silicon Valley are included in Fortune’s 1000. Some of these companies are Adobe Systems, Apple, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Ebay, Netfilx, Oracle, Yahoo, and of course Facebook and Google. I didn’t even know that a NASA hub can be found there too.

After watching The Internship I really wanted to visit the Googleplex just to see if what I saw in the movie was true. We drove around two hours before arriving in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California.


Googleplex was big. And not just big, big. It was huge. Well, what do you expect, it is Google’s Headquarters after all. Aside from all the buildings for their offices, they have their own golf course, parks and an amphitheater. There are also coffee shops and restaurants around the place. There’s a gym, apartments and even small chapels for different religions surrounding the Googleplex. It was like having a little city of their own.

No Copyright Infringement Intended

                                                       No Copyright Infringement Intended

If you wanna hop from one building to another, there’s no problem if you don’t own a car. Google bikes are EVERYWHERE. Literally, everywhere. And yes, anyone and everyone can use it. No locks are used. It is open to everybody.


The diversity among Google employees was amazing. You see different races from allover the world even though Googleplex is situated in America. It wasn’t really surprising but seeing such diversity made me happy. It’s like the power of technology brought these people together. And if you don’t know it yet, Google just appointed it’s new CEO.


If you go through Googleplex’ amphitheater towards the visitor lobby, you’ll see this very geeky structure…


That steel T-rex is a famous landmark amoung Googleplex’ visitors. It’s one of the first things you’ll see when you visit the place. Near the T-rex are coffee shops and stores that sells go-to food.

Googleplex is open to everyone. You can visit and roam around the place. However, unless you know someone from the inside, you cannot enter the buildings/offices. That’s what happened with us. Since the Googleplex has already opened its door to tourists, I thought everything is already accessible. If you really want a tour inside the buildings, you will need to know an employee of theirs. A tip is to actually email someone from their customer service and hope that someone would be generous enough to give you a tour. I wasn’t able to do that even though I could have emailed someone in Google Adsense as I am a blogger. But in all fairness, roaming around the vicinity was good enough.

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P.S. All pictures were taken from my Samsung Galaxy S5 unless stated otherwise. Again, no copyright infringement intended.

Aisle Style

Every girl wants to be pretty for a formal occasion. I have not yet meet anyone who thinks otherwise. It’s like every female in the planet unites on being hormonal on that special day. Best examples are prom and weddings. A big part of the preparation for a formal event is the hunting of dresses. I myself experienced that most recently with my best friend’s wedding. I remember doing tons of research and numerous discussions before we (mostly just me) finally landed on a decision. I was such a good maid of honor and she was an obedient bride. LOL

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